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Tips For Saving Money On Your Power Bills By Switching To LED Lights

Author : Abhay Shah | Date: 2013-08-15

If you are still using halogen, incandescent, fluorescent or sodium vapor bulbs in your domestic setting and paying a huge bomb on your power bills every month then you probably have not heard of LED lights. These are the light emitting diodes which are most sought after today, as they can help you save your power consumption up to 90%.

The average lifespan of a LED light is around 50,000 hours which is 5 times higher than a normal fluorescent bulb. You do not have to replace these bulbs very often, thus it gives you an upfront advantage on your power bills, though these are not printed in black and white on your monthly statement. When you tend to save on your maintenance and replacement costs, it is a huge benefit, as often replacement process costs a lot.

Secondly, it is the technique that these LED lights use and thereby can be recognized as eco friendly in their approach . Like normal bulbs, these LED lights do not burn filaments inside, to produce light. This filament burning process consumes lot of energy. By getting rid of this technique, the LED lights help a lot to save power. Thirdly, the power produced per watt is 130 LM in the LED lights. The power of a 60 watt normal bulb can be achieved through a 5 watt LED light. The decreased wattage is directly proportional to the decrease in your power bills.

Fourthly, the LED lights are great performers when it comes to focused area illumination. Instead of a normal scenario where bulbs are used to light up the whole area these lights alone can be used effectively to light up a particular area This decreases the wattage consumption and thereby makes the power bills skyrocket.Cashing in on the popularity of the LED lights, the manufacturers have started producing retrofitting LED lights for all types of existing lights – be it fluorescent, street lights, incandescent etc. LED lights can be replaced and placed exactly in the same nodes which were used for fitting conventional blubs, thereby removing any chance of extra costs incurred while fitting these LED lights. Unlike the normal bulbs, these LED lights do not heat up the entire atmosphere making it uncomfortable for prolonged usage. LED lights use state of the art design and remain cool irrespective of the number of hours used. Additionally it is a great feeling to know that they are not eating up too much of your power as well.