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Save Power With LED Lighting

Author : Abhay Shah | Date: 2013-08-15

LED lights or lights that use diodes for light emission are considered as one of the best prevailing llumination device in the market because they perform remarkably well in terms of energy efficiency and making the environment a better place to live in. Though the LEDs were performing greatly in all departments, their cost was a huge letdown. However, in recent times, people have started understanding the role of LED lights in saving environment and power bills, and have started using the LED lights greatly in vehicles, residential areas etc. The increased usage has brought down their costs to a great extent.

The LED lighting that are designed for residential/commercial purposes are made up of different wattages. Mostly the LEDs are in the color of the daylight or Warm White; however, recent technologies have paved way for the LED lights to come in different colors. These LED lights have very long life and they are known to last for up to 50,000 hours until they need to be replaced, whereas the fluorescent lights last for 5,000 hours only, often they needed to be replaced beforehand . This is a huge advantage of using the LED lighting. Most of the people opt for these lights, in spite of the huge costs, because their long lifespan cover up for the increased costs.Any light source is considered to be efficient or inefficient depending on the lumens it produces per watt. An LED light is considered to be highly efficient, because it gives out around 130 lumens per watt. A recent study conducted in the US proved that if households started using LED bulbs instead of the normal fluorescent bulbs, a whopping 24,000 million megawatts could be saved per day. Considering the huge benefits that these LED lights have on the residential and corporate establishments and the environment as a whole, many businesses have started using this lighting for their establishments to have a greener environment and to enable high cost efficiency overall.

These LED lights have been undergoing lots of development in terms of design and cost over the years. The huge lifespan of these lights, the efficiency of the light they give out, the overall cost benefits they have , the highly energy saving design that they possess and the huge savings that they can produce on the power bills are only few of the reasons why LED lights are ruling the market with so much of dominance.