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Who we are?

"AVIOT LUMEN" is among the leading names in LED lighting solution providers. Passionately committed to delivering innovative energy efficient solutions. Our strength is our team's experience with combined Management and Technical expertise of over 2 decades in providing Energy efficient lighting and Power solutions to the Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Infrastructure projects.
We see Energy as an Environmental issue with implications for the entire world. Additionally, because we share a need to address issues related to tomorrow's energy supply, we believe that energy should be conserved and made affordable for all.
We continue to be at the forefront of Energy efficient technologies through the innovative R & D capabilities of our team based near Mumbai, India.

What we do?

At AVIOT LUMEN, we Conceptualize, Design, Manufacture and Commercialize a wide variety of Energy efficient LED Lighting solutions. Our product range is specifically designed and manufactured to meet the demands of the market for Lighting and Energy sector. With our own manufacturing facility we are able to provide customised solutions and great after sales service to our clients.
Our sales network is Pan India and in MENA countries with dedicated team of distributors and dealers having well trained and efficient field personnel for sales and service. We also provide comprehensive consultation services to customers who wish to go the Renewable Energy way. We have highly skilled and competent professionals for pre-installation consultations.
We take pride in our indigenous product range in compliance with our national policy "MAKE IN INDIA"

Our Products

AVIOT LUMEN designs and manufactures innovative Energy efficient products and LED Lighting solutions for a wide variety of customers and applications.
Our R&D team continues to pursue innovative technological advances. We are committed to provide Green, Energy efficient, Carbon neutral and Economical LED Lighting products and solutions for our customers.
Our products are manufactured under the Brand names of LumenPlus, Rulac and Aviotlumen. A leading name in LED lighting industry in India.
One of the first movers into LED technology in the industry (in India) way back in 2004, we offer a basket of extensive line of quality (indoor and outdoor) LED luminaires. Our products are of the international standards of quality assurance. LED components used in our products comply to "LM-80" tested and backed by industry-leading warranty of 2 years.
The demand for energy has become a central environmental issue with implications for the entire world. In order to build a brighter, sustainable and Greener future, we see Energy saving Lighting products (LED) as an affordable solution that is increasingly being recognized as Energy conserving and Cost saving alternative to conventional lighting products, for the 21st century, We realize the ever increasing cost of electricity, hence trying to convert the conventional lighting usage into LED lighting solutions to reduce recurring costs of energy.
Our Energy efficient LED lighting product line not only keeps pace with global needs, but anticipates them as well. Our commitment of excellence in design has produced a range of High-performance Energy efficient products that can be easily incorporated in Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Institutional and Infrastructure projects, which include,

1. LED Panel Lights
2. LED Down Lights
3. LED COB Lights
4. LED COVE lights
5. LED Cabinet lights
6. LED Linear lights
7. LED Bulbs
8. Bluetooth RGB Controller
9. LED Tube Lights
10. LED Street Lights
11. LED Flood Lights
12. LED COB Flood Lights
13. LED High Bay Lights
14. LED SOLAR Street Light (Integrated)
15. LED Strip lights with all variant- (5050 single chip, 5050 3chip, 3014 etc.)
16. LED Clean room fixture
17. LED Flame proof fixture
18. Constant current drivers for LED Lights
19. Constant Voltage (SMPS) for LED strips
20. Dimmable drivers for LED Lights
21. Waterproof SMPS for LED strip

Our Services

Our sales team ensures that our products meet the needs of their installation / projects and our technical team works with our clients to provide a full range of complimentary services, including Facility audits Lighting layouts ROI calculations. Most of the listed products are available ex-stock to avoid delays in delivery.

Research and Development

The global lighting market is undergoing a radical change.We have planned to introduce many new products in India and global markets. We are dedicated to provide best renewable energy solutions to our clients, that requires us to constantly update our product portfolio. We, along with our group of OEM manufacturers, are committed to innovate and produce the best quality, cost effective solutions for the ever-growing energy needs.
We thrive on our R & D efforts. To achieve our goal to provide intelligent and futuristic solutions for Energy conservation.


AVIOT LUMEN designs and manufactures innovative solar energy and LED Lighting solutions for a wide variety of customers and applications.
We have an extensive range of products in both the LED lighting & solar lighting. The products are designed to suit the needs and demands of the Indian market as well as for exports.
A comprehensive analysis and research is conducted before we select the suppliers of raw material components used in our products.
We have about 5000 Sq ft of area dedicated for assembly line operations and about 2000 Sq ft for the administration/operations at our manufacturing plant near Mumbai in India. Our manufacturing unit is equipped with latest State-of-the-art tools and machinery for fast and quality production and experienced professionals as assembly line operators/engineers. We ensure most of the processes are carried out in-house at our unit, thereby reducing the dependency on vendors.
Our founders and management team is extensively experienced in the business of Energy efficiency solution for power as well as LED Lighting Solutions. The engineers and assembly line operators are technically sound and experienced.
We ensure a ready stock of our fast moving products to ensure instant delivery of orders. Our team of 'After Sales Services' executives are experienced in supporting our customers for any post-sales needs.

Our Founders

Chair-person and Founder of the group, Mr Abhay Shah: An electrical engineer by qualification started his career as 'Project execution engineer'. During his tenure he was entrusted with and has executed various installations and tasks that required high engineering skills.

Number of installations / Erection of 11 KV / 22 KV / 33 KV / 66 KV substations.
Industrial plants: HT and LT Cabling and Wiring of various machinery / installations.
HT and LT cabling up to 400 Sq mm, for LT panel, PCC, MCC, PDB and LDB.
Control panels: Design, installation and commissioning of Control panels in various industries at diverse locations in India.
HVAC: Control wiring for HVAC plants.
Turnkey project execution.
Industrial lighting: Design, planning and installation of important areas in various industries e.g. Production area lighting, Clean room lighting (Food processing and Pharma industry) and Flame proof lighting for various Chemical plants
Outdoor lighting: Design, planning and erection of street light poles and fixtures.
Indoor lighting: Design, planning and installation of various Industries, Commercial complexes, Ware houses, Office complexes, Shopping Plaza, Convention centres, Cinema Halls, Hospitals, Star Hotels, Banks, Restaurants, Chain of Retail stores.
Telephone and Data network: Cabling in all types of commercial and industrial establishments.
Energy audit in various Pharma industries, Food and Beverage industry, Chemical plants and Commercial buildings for their HVAC and Lighting loads.
Power quality audit for all types of commercial establishments.
Pump house audit of Municipal corporations for Fresh water as well as Sewerage water pumping

While working on the a) Energy Audits b) Power quality Audits for various Industries, Municipal Corporations, Banks and other complexes, Abhay observed that a shortage of electrical power and constantly rising energy (Power) cost, will be of a serious concern in near future and a deciding factor for viability in many sectors. There was an URGENT need to address the issues related to Energy (Power).
An engineer in him thought about ways to achieve cost saving by looking at Renewable energy options like SOLAR energy and implementing some means of Energy conservation, Energy efficiency.
In the year 1995, though a Start Up, we became pioneer in conceptualizing ideas about Energy conservation / Energy efficiency and we decided to venture into manufacturing of Energy saver devices for domestic and industrial as well as commercial market.
Since then, we have always established ourselves as manufacturer of innovative products. Our core strength of last 20+ years is designing, developing and manufacturing of electronic products in power electronics as well as embedded solutions for specific reasons.

We developed 'Energy saver solution' and manufactured Energy saving devices under the brand name 'Rulac' for ....

Air-conditioners (Window/Split)
Bottle Coolers
Water coolers
Package ACs up to 20 Tons
Deep Freezers
Frost Control System Refrigerators
Chilling plants
Cooling Towers
Auto cut-off for Industrial Exhaust fans
Star Delta Motors
Street Lights
40% power saving switch for individual Street Light Fixtures
Brine plants

Year 2004:

Based on our regular Market survey, Trade indicators and Feedback from our clients in various sectors, it was observed that the market was getting serious about Energy conservation and gradually opting for Energy efficient Lighting solutions.
In 2004, we invested heavily (Efforts and Funds) to develop a range of 'Lighting fixtures' and 'PMMA LED Lens'. We started with smaller products like 1W, 3W and 6W fixtures. Trio 2 pin night lamps and MR16, with 18 numbers of 'Through hole LED'.
Once again we proved to be among the first few in India to venture into LED Lighting solutions. We have worked on all generations of LED lights e.g.

'Through hole low candela' LED,
1Watt emitter type LED,
Various packages of SMD LED like 3528, 5050, 5730 5630 2835 and 3030
COB LED from 1 W to 120 W.
Today our Product portfolio includes

1. LED Panel Lights
2. LED Down Lights
3. LED COB Lights
4. LED COVE lights
5. LED Cabinet lights
6. LED Linear lights
7. LED Bulbs
8. LED Tube Lights
9. LED Street Lights
10. LED Flood Lights
11. LED COB Flood Lights
12. LED High Bay Lights
13. LED SOLAR Street Light (Integrated)
14. LED Strip lights with all variant- (5050 single chip, 5050 3chip, 3014 etc.)
15. LED Clean room fixture
16. LED Flame proof fixture

LED DRIVERS: We also manufacture a range of drivers for 'Outdoor and Indoor LED Lighting' Products.
1. Constant current drivers for LED Lights.
2. Constant Voltage (SMPS) for LED strips.
3. Dimmable drivers for LED Lights.
4. Waterproof SMPS for LED strip.

Our success story modestly includes:

1989: Rulac- Licenced Electrical contractors.

1995: Brand 'Rulac' came into existence as Manufacturers of Energy saver devices.

2004: Brand 'Rulac' as manufacturer of,
'LED Indoor/Outdoor Lights'
'LED Drivers'

2013: Brand 'AVIOT LUMEN' as manufacturer of,
'LED Indoor/Outdoor Lights'
'LED Drivers'

2016: We have done a lot of Research and ventured into development of,
'Wireless products /solutions' based on Internet of Things (IoT)
Industrial solutions for 'Energy Conservation' and 'HVAC' based on Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
Various SMART solutions based on Android and IOS Apps for upcoming initiative of the Government of India, under the ambitious and prestigious project heads,
Smart cities
Digital India
Amrut village

Enquiry regarding Smart Lighting Solution projects for Townships Industrial Areas, Gated community large residential colonies, Municipality etc. undertaken
We take pride in our indigenous product range in compliance with our national policy 'MAKE IN INDIA'

Our success story doesn't end here, We would like You to be a part of our Success too.


We take pride in our indigenous product range in compliance with our national policy 'MAKE IN INDIA'. By providing Energy efficient Lighting and power solutions, we wish to transform the way people experience light,


To advance our unique position as a trusted provider of Lighting and Power solutions, we leverage our efficiency and capabilities in Lighting and Power sector to create and respond to market opportunities, ahead of the curve. Our purpose is to create innovative lighting products and our passion is in providing superior products, services and support.
Our mission is our reason for being. It is the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions.


We depend on the strength of our relationships with our employees, suppliers, agents and distributors with whom we work. We believe that the best results can be achieved, if we can offer a Win-Win situation for all the stake holders.
Our people are encouraged to work together for a common purpose. They exercise mutual initiative and engage each other to leverage our strengths and reach the shared goal.
We believe in empowering staff by exercising integrity, imparting training, creating transparency, delegating responsibility. Free flow of information is encouraged to ensure high level of shared knowledge throughout the organization to empower our staff while making them accountable for maintaining the highest standards.
We inspire innovation by challenging the Routine, to deliver Energy efficient products and services that connect and empower our customers, backed by our commitment for quality and support.
We have worked tirelessly to create an environment that promotes an effective, efficient and lean organization, which eventually provides world class products and services to our customers. We believe in providing our employees and stake holders with appropriate training, latest tools and processes, which can maximize the efficiency and value added by each employee to achieve the company's goals.
We are guided by our values, the way we work with our business partners and stake holders.