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LED Lighting - Independence From Energy Crisis And Improve Environment

Author : Abhay Shah | Date: 2013-08-14

LED lighting are one of the safest and most efficient lights in the market today. More and more Individual/Institution have started to use these LED lights because the benefits are phenomenal and the results are obvious. Households have started experiencing reduced power bills and no maintenance is involved with LED lights installed at their homes. When a customer gets huge decrease of costs coupled with the greatest quality of lighting, then there can be nothing more satisfying than this.. LED lights are one such product that none would dare to say no. Everybody who has used these lights have only good things to say about this and the customer base is steadily growing. There are more and more takers for these lights because, they consume very little power.

A LED light has been proved 65% more efficient than florescent lights and 90% more efficient than incandescent bulbs. The power consumption is very less in these lights hence customer gets a pleasant surprise when he sees his power bills right after the installation of these LED lights. The carbon emission from this light is also very less because of low power consumption, so it is good for improving the environmental health as well. These lights do not use the filament-burning technique, so that there is no heat produced when they are used for long hours. This keeps the environment as cool as possible thereby helps reducing load on Air-conditioning system.

These LED lights have a much longer lifespan when compared to the florescent bulbs or the incandescent bulbs. It is proved that these lights have 8-10 times the life of a florescent bulb and 60 times the life of an incandescent bulb. This makes it more reliable and currently the most durable product in the lighting market. This, rules out the trouble of replacing the bulbs very often, thereby reducing the replacement and maintenance costs considerably. The environment is free from all toxic heat emissions as these LED lights use sheer technological brilliance to give out top quality light, which is energy efficient and environment-friendly.

These LED lights are in solid state and do not content any gas or mercury or filament , whereas the florescent bulbs are prone to breakage. When these are broken, the mercury inside them spreads to the environment and these can be quite dangerous. Even disposal of this lamp is difficult because of mercury content and glass shell. All these problems are removed in an LED light because, it does not contain mercury, thereby keeping the environment safe. These lights can be effectively recycled and there are no harmful Ultra-violet radiations emitted unlike the florescent or incandescent bulbs. The benefits are huge, the lifespan is phenomenal and the quality is top class. This is why LED lights are great sources of conserving the environment.

On an average LED lighting saves 65% on your existing lighting loads.