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LED Lighting For Business

Author : Abhay Shah | Date: 2013-08-18

For any business to be successful, it has to adopt certain techniques that help in reducing expenses to a great extent. Most of the businesses focus on various cost control exercises. However, they do not focus on something as basic as energy costs. Energy cost is today one of the biggest operation cost next to salary cost in most of the organization and is increasing with the change in fuel prices and inflating dollar value. There are lots of companies today that spend a bomb on their power bills without even realizing it. If these energy costs are reduced, then it would help a lot in reducing energy cost by at least 20 to 25%.

Businesses must start using LED lights simply because of the impact they can have on power bills. These LED lights give supreme quality lighting at the most minimum power consumption rates. In addition to this, their lifespan is simply unbeatable; hence the businesses need to spend a lot on replacing their lights very often. A small example will make us understand the impact of the LED lights. Every business premise has an emergency exit sign at some corner. If incandescent bulbs are used on these signs, they last for a year. However, if LED lights are used on the same sign, they last for 11 years. Unimaginable, isn’t it? This means the business not only gets to reduce its power consumption in a big way because of the LED lights, but also need not fret over replacing the lights often, as 11 years is a long time indeed.

The main success of a business is all about happy employees. Lighting plays a big role in the overall satisfaction and health of the employees. A workstation with dim and hot lighting can demotivate an employee to a great extent, compared to a workstation that is bright and clear and gives out natural light. Conventional lighting because working at lighter temperature adds to the load on Air-conditioning and it further increases the consumption. This is where the LED lights play a big role. They make the office look very bright and is almost as close to natural daylight. They do not emit heat even after long hours of use, thereby making the employees completely comfortable. On the other hand, using dim lights like CFL or florescent lamps make the atmosphere dim and gloomy. Employees feel quite stressed out by working under these lights as the continuous dim light gives them headache and eye strain.

Businesses must start using LED lights , because they also have a corporate social responsibility of contributing towards the environment. And what better way to do that than by using LED lights in their premises? These lights are the most energy efficient and result in huge savings on energy bills for the business as well, making it a win-win situation for the business as well as for the environment and gives you return on investment in 18 to 24 months.