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How LED Lighting Is Revolutionizing Street Light

Author : Abhay Shah | Date: 2013-08-15

The LED lights use diodes for light emission and are considered to be one of the top class lights in the market considering the huge amount of savings one can make in terms of energy and power bills. The manufacturers of these LED lights have slashed the price of these lights to a great extent, so that more and more people can purchase these lights for residential and office uses. Earlier, the LED lights were used only for sophisticated electronic equipment. Slowly they were used in big business houses and then spread their roots into residential buildings. Now, with the lights becoming more affordable, they are used for street lights as well. It would be apt to say that street lights have been revolutionized by the LED lights today.

Energy -saving advantages are beyond expectations, light quality is phenomenal, and power consumption is minimal. Street lighting has become LEDcompatible, mainly because power costs can be reduced to a great extent. Street lights are required to be used throughout the night on all days. It requires lighting that is reliable, durable, energy efficient and easy on the purse. LED lights are the best choice for street lighting, purely because of reliability. LED lights have an amazing life span hence can be used for prolonged hours on streets for years together in all types of whether.

Due to their directional lighting capacities, LED lights were initially considered apt for small streets. However, due to the continuous technological advancements that are on the upswing, LED mechanism has undergone change to enable lighting for big and wide streets as well. The remarkable performance of these lights on the few streets that they were implemented made most the governments feel awestruck at the sheer brilliance of these lights.The excellent combination of bright lighting and reduced costs made the governments form regulations that any new street light projects in their cities need to be lit up only through LED lights. This made the streets clearer, brighter and yet, the power bills of the government were very much under control. These lights consume power 65% less than gas discharge lamp. They keep the environment friendly by consuming bare minimum power. The only investment that is needed is the initial costs of these lights. They have almost zero maintenance costs after that and their lifespan is quite high. Hence the initial costs are recovered very soon. Street lighting has never got any better than this!